Project Description

Project Details

  • Client: Rotunda Construction
  • Location: Capitol One UK
  • Value: £250K
  • Works: The Project was a design and build project for the refurbishment of the male, female and disabled toilets across 3 floors in the Capitol One Building in Nottingham. The architect and the client has a specific look they required. We worked with the design team to ensure we fully understood the aesthetics of the toilet spaces to ensure we could deliver the project to the required look. Due to the works being a refurbishment we validated the existing ventilation and water systems to ensure we could meet building standards for the new design and to highlight any potential issues with the existing services. We designed a new ventilation system form the existing riser. The original scope was to install supply and extract grilles within each of the toilet areas but due to co-ordination it soon came apparent that we could only install extract grilles within the toilet areas and a supply grille to the lobby area. Due to the style of the room we proposed installing a linear slot diffuser above the toilets powder coated in satin copper. We designed a new hot and cold water water system to serve all the new sanitary within the toilet areas. All pipework was concealed apart from the drainage and waste pipework. The original scheme was to install the waste in Chrome pipework. Due to the look of the room we discussed this in detail with the design team and we soon agreed that our idea of copper drainage where n show would be the best option so that the look of the room was not compromised. The new sanitary items were carefully considered within the A&S Design team and with the help of our procurement manager who has over 20 years of experience in sanitaryware, we quickly put together a portfolio for the client to look through and select the sanitary they wanted within the budgets set out.

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